Signs of Sinkhole Activity

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 by Jim Flynn

There are many things that can trigger sinkhole activity. Some examples are, construction, heavy rains or flooding, or anything adding weight to the soil. The resulting depressions may form slowly over many years or suddenly, in which case a sinkhole can cause property damage and even loss of life. Regardless of how they form, they can cause a house to settle dramatically and damage it in a wide variety of ways. The only way to trully know if you have a sinkhole is to have an engineer test the soils.

Some signs of sinkhole activity include:

  • Cracks on floors or walls
  • Leaks showing water stains on walls and ceilings
  • Stressed pipes
  • Tiles cracking/ nails popping/ uneven floors
  • Sudden increase in water and power bills
  • Doors and Windows that won't open or shut properly
  • Dips or depressions in the yard 
  • A Driveway with cracks that continue to grow wider and longer over time. 
  • Obvious dropout



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