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Vicinity of Old Hunter Rd in Brooksville
I just bought a piece of land in brooksville fl. With a mobil home on it which it is trash. I would like a estimate on remodeling it. Thanks
Vicinity of Batten Rd in Brooksville
Prep work for horse barn concrete foundation 8 stalls 12x12, with lounge area, full bath, half bath, tack room, 2 wash area with a drain. And seal easement and driveway. concrete for pole barn
Vicinity of Hawk Haven Trail in Brooksville
Need a quote on a 30x30 concrete slab for an aluminium garage.
Vicinity of SANDPIPER AVENUE in Brooksville
Could you please quote an estimate for a 20' x20' concrete pad for a garage.
Vicinity of Forest Ave in Brooksville
Good morning- I wanted to know if you do sinkhole inspections & what the approximate cost for an inspection for my vacant land (1.41 acres) would be. Please reply back via email. Thank you
Vicinity of Goldsmith Rd in Brooksville
Deck has cracks for pool needs injections
Vicinity of Cortez Blvd in Brooksville
We need an estimate on a front entryway that requires concrete.
Vicinity of Peyton Pl in Brooksville
House shifting floors leaning towards one side of home. Uneven doors, widows, cracks in wall. Wooden frame home with concrete piers. Termites on exterior lower wall.
Vicinity of Rialto Ave in Brooksville
I need a concrete slab 11x12
Vicinity of Cook Ave in Brooksville
I want to build a 16 X 16 concrete patio on slightly uneven ground.
Vicinity of S Mildred Ave in Brooksville
Looking to purchase the house and concerned about cracks in foundation floor and wall shifting. Want to make sure it is not in a sink hole and estimate to fix concrete issues.
Vicinity of Blackbird Ave in Brooksville
Slab settlement and some structure cracking
Vicinity of Whiteway Drive in Brooksville
The concrete on my front porch cracked which caused it to drop slightly.
Vicinity of St Mark Dr in Brooksville
We have a patio slab that we put in about 12 years ago. There was a tree where we had the patio slab placed prior to us buying the home. We did have the large stump removed prior to have the patio slab poured. I believe is is settling. Would like to get an estimate to see what could be done to raise and stabilize the patio.
Vicinity of Suncoast Parkway in Brooksville
We are bidding as a prime contractor on the Suncoast Parkway project. The project has 21K+ LF of grout pipe installation and 4500 CY of sand cement pressure grout. We would like to have a price from you to conduct this work. I can be reached at 305-930-0913
Vicinity of Southern Charm Circle in Brooksville
Looking to have our home repaired. looking into pinning
Vicinity of Mandalay in Brooksville
Vicinity of WALKER AVE in Brooksville
Water coming in from outside in two bed rooms
Vicinity of N/a in Brooksville
To pour a concrete slab (16x22) with Geotextile The Contractor shall furnish the necessary personnel, material, equipment, services and facilities to perform the Statement of Work/Specifications The project will consist of clearing and grubbing existing vegetation at the location of the concrete slab (22 feet x 16 feet) and construct a 1 foot deep x 42 foot long diversion channel Site preparation includes clearing and grubbing of vegetation, excavation, and placement of compacted earthfill to accommodate a concrete slab (22 feet x 16 feet) The concrete slab will be formed and constructed using 3,000 psi concrete with reinforcement steel. The contractor will erect forms for the required slab thickness Installation of a 5-inch thick concrete slab, footers, anchors, and other Appurtenances The contractor will grade and shape all disturbed areas
Vicinity of Nectarine St. in Brooksville
Carport lower than driveway to street. Need carport raised.
Vicinity of Dry Creek Ranch Rd in Brooksville
We purchased this home 2 years ago, and a foreclosure. Everything of value had been removed, so we did not have a home inspection done at the time. We have learned from a neighbor that this home had been left flooded for an unknown period of time. The home has a foundation around the outside, and piers underneath. There is an area that feels "bouncy" as I walk across it, so I would like to have someone inspect under the house, to see if the piers in that area may have settled due to the flood weight.
Vicinity of Pioneer Ave in Brooksville
We noticed some cracks in our floors and walls that prompted us to have our home inspected for foundation issues.
Vicinity of Marbled Godwit Rd. in Brooksville
I need 2 slabs. 20'x20' and 12'x30'
Vicinity of County Line Rd in Brooksville
I have a lot of cracks on the front of house which are getting bigger and bigger every day inside and outside plus there's movement on the floor in the kitchen,living room,plus bedroom everyone night which is very scary
Vicinity of Croft Lane in Brooksville
Sun room interior floor needs to be raised by 4 inches to be level with the floors in the house. Room is approximately 13x21. Concrete patio in back yard, approximately 16x24.
Vicinity of Murre Ave in Brooksville
Going to be having a 20x30 building installed in my back yard. Need to have a concrete slab to place it on. Would like to have an extra 10 ft on 1 side depending on cost
Vicinity of Geronimo Street in Brooksville
Garage apron to lift and 2 sections of walkway
Vicinity of Meinetr Ave. in Brooksville
Concrete Drive Way has some washed out areas and sounds hollow.
Vicinity of WHITEWAY DR in Brooksville
Vicinity of Poppas Pass in Brooksville
I have driveway slabs that are settling and cracking.
Vicinity of California St in Brooksville
Asphalt removal, replace with concrete footers and 2 slabs (30x60 & 12x30), with 6x6 #10 wire mesh 6" slab on grade finished in place. this is a school project so workers must have JLA certs.
Vicinity of PERIMETER DR in Brooksville
Vicinity of Sea Holly Drive in Brooksville
I would like to get a quote on pouring a 160in x 160in concrete slab. Thanks!
Vicinity of Bayport Street in Brooksville
I need a slab 40x66 for garage
Vicinity of Wren Rd in Brooksville
Would like to pin my house want to know how much
Vicinity of Highland St. in Brooksville
My husband was under our home and spotted a hold that is long and seems to widen we think it may be a sinkhole as our home leans a little also. i have a 6 month old in my home & don't want to just let it go without knowing if it is bad or if we need to sell and move.
Vicinity of Howell St in Brooksville
Need slab poured for 5th Wheel
Vicinity of Weatherford Ave in Brooksville
Wash out under driveway.
Vicinity of Wildflower Dr in Brooksville
We would like an estimate and repair information on a circular driveway with some cracks. We also have a stucco crack across the bottom front of the entry porch. Please call to set an apt at the above number. Thanks!
Vicinity of Moriah Ave in Brooksville
Driveway cracked and sinking to one side also planter on side of driveway expanding outward
Vicinity of Pinetop Ridge Lane in Brooksville
We need to get an estimate for repairs based on our secondary report, which I do have on an electronic copy.
Vicinity of Snow Goose Ave in Brooksville
We have a lot of wall inside our home that is cracking bad also have tiles in kitchen and bathrooms that are cracking and floating ,out side has some cracking also
Vicinity of Orinoco Road in Brooksville
Looking at purchasing a home that has some slight cracks/erosion issues. Would like to know if sink hole might be a problem and what it would cost to fix-if it does.
Vicinity of Blackbird Ave in Brooksville
I have a 4 foot high retaining wall in my back yard. This wall runs about 50 feet long and is made from railroad ties.It seems the wall is bowing out in places. If you do this type of work please give me some options to get this problem solved. Thanks Dan Brown
Vicinity of Centennial Street in Brooksville
Noticing roof sagging, stairs going up the outside of house. This year alone there has been 5 houses on this street with sinkholes.
Vicinity of Lily Pond Ct. in Brooksville
A corner of my lanai, and paver near it, are sinking

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