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Vicinity of Papaya Dr in Daytona Beach
I am putting in an offer on a home for sale that is vacant and has some cracks in the front corner of the concrete block home built in 1958 and want to make sure they are not serious. Thank you
Vicinity of N Halifax Ave in Daytona Beach
I would like to raise pool patio to allow storm water from gutters to drain towards yard. Currently patio slopes towards house allowing water to puddle deeply next to home.
Vicinity of S Lanvale Ave in Daytona Beach
My fireplace is leaning back (palm tree removed years ago) Also my Mother lives next door and her garage floor sunk about 2"
Vicinity of N. Oleander Ave in Daytona Beach
New cracks in ceiling, doorways look sloping. This is new as house very old built 1936.
Vicinity of Woodcock Court in Daytona Beach
Concrete concerns on driveway. Crack and some concrete lowered.
Vicinity of Esperanza Ave in Daytona Beach
Northeast corner of our house is sinking. It's not a sinkhole but is the result of a car running into the garage wall.
Vicinity of Braddock Av in Daytona Beach
On one corner of the house the brick and concrete beam supporting it has cracked causing the concrete beam on the side of house to lean outward. this was do to a broken drain pipe at that corner
Vicinity of Westwood Dr in Daytona Beach
Crack floor that is sinking

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