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Learn more about L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc.'S recent work requests in Valrico, FL
Vicinity of Saint Anthony Dr in Valrico
Need a 4 inch slab for a 20x21 metal garage.
Vicinity of Crooked Creek Way in Valrico
Concrete floor in part of my house is usually damp. Plumber says there is not a plumbing leak.
Vicinity of Stonehill Avenue in Valrico
Looking for a quote on creating a 9' x 22' concrete pad in our side yard.
Vicinity of River Close Blvd in Valrico
Back area of concrete pool deck is sinking
Vicinity of Crosby Rd in Valrico
Small area of home slab has settled about 1/2" in a corner.
Vicinity of Buckhorn Groves Ct in Valrico
We have numerous big cracks in the concrete of our screened lanai. The concrete is also cracking along the outside of our pool. I'm not sure if it's normal settling or a larger, time sensitive issue. We'd like someone to come out, assess the situation, and give us a repair estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Bonnieview Dr in Valrico
Pool deck and driveway
Vicinity of Cold Creek Drive in Valrico
Yard area erosion (hole) getting close to house/pool enclosure
Vicinity of Callista Ave in Valrico
I need an estimate about a falling pool slab. Its the foundation behind the pool that needs leveling.
Vicinity of Horseshoe Pick Lane in Valrico
At the back of my house which has a porch the ground seems to be sinking some. There are no cracks or anything in the house but it seems that the patio blocks are being pulled away from the house. The house is about 15 years old and it may be just settling. There have been sink holes in the area. Would like you to come out and take a look at it. I'm really concerned about it. I'm retired so I'm home most of the time. Call anytime. Thank you
Vicinity of Rolling Acres Pl in Valrico
Pool decking is cracked and sinking following a water leak.The area is around 8 ft by 3 ft.
Vicinity of Gentrice Drive in Valrico
My paver pool deck is uneven and one small area around a pool fountain has caved in.
Vicinity of Emerald Hill Way in Valrico
Sidewalk Grinding or Replacement
Vicinity of Graywood Ct. in Valrico
The garage floor is sinking in front corner. It looks to have sunk at least 3 inches.
Vicinity of Springville Dr in Valrico
Patio / concrete repair/paver repair
Vicinity of Citrus Wood Lane in Valrico
Garage floor has some large cracks from front to back and thru the middle also.
Vicinity of Heritage Drive in Valrico
I have crack in inside my garage and in my driveway. Can you tell me the cost of this repair ?
Vicinity of Winchester Ln. in Valrico
Have some cracks in exterior walls & interior walls, signs of settling.
Vicinity of Elk Ridge Lane in Valrico
There's a crack on the upper portion of our pool deck in need of repair. It's lifting and causing the door to the cage to not close.
Vicinity of Carenon Lane in Valrico
Corner of patio floor is sinking due to erosion under the patio - need to shore it and fill it up thank you
Vicinity of Lee Dr in Valrico
Have a stair step crack on side of house.....
Vicinity of Crooked Creek Way in Valrico
Small sink hole in back yard
Vicinity of Centennial Falcon Drive in Valrico
I have read that you should not paint stucco. So I am looking into having it refinished instead?
Vicinity of Country Vineyard Drive in Valrico
Interested in resurfacing our pool deck; possibly with composite materials
Vicinity of Maren Trace Ln in Valrico
The pool deck in the back of my house is showing signs of cracking. I noted that the soil under the back has been washing out. I suspect there may be a problem with my sprinkler system. I need to know if you can diagnose/confirm the underlying issue and possibly fix the sprinkler system as well. In any case, I would like a quote on at least stabilizing the pool deck.
Vicinity of Seffner Valrico Rd in Valrico
I would like to get a quote on covering a new home addition with stucco.
Vicinity of Eastmonte Drive in Valrico
While trying to remedy a radon issue, the radon company representative found small cracks in our slab. I then noticed a new small crack in our pool deck and our driveway. Radon company rep suggested a professional take a look at the property.
Vicinity of Heritage Crest Drive in Valrico
My pool has a spa deck that is about 5 inches higher than the pool deck (15x8ft area). Spa deck/foundation continues to settle causing it to crack where it connects to the pool. Need to stabilize the spa deck so it will not continue to crack.
Vicinity of Leichester S in Valrico
Driveway have become uneven to to settling or tree roots.
Vicinity of Stillmeadow Dr in Valrico
Foundation settling
Vicinity of Rolling Acres Place in Valrico
I believe there may be some washout underneath my driveway. I can see it sag when a vehicle drives over it. I do not believe the washout is deep but am concerned about the driveway cracking.
Vicinity of River Close Blvd in Valrico
Looking for someone to provide a quote to repair my pool deck and pool grout around tile area
Vicinity of Durant Rd in Valrico
House is bowing and leaning. Seems to be settling issues on the pillar foundation.
Vicinity of Crystal Goblet Ct. in Valrico
We are looking for a company to do our structural repairs for sinkhole damage to our home. We are currently taking bids for total restoration repairs both inside and out.

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